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Who We Are?


We are IVY LAB, a niche mobile apps development studio comprised of over 200 Ivy League Alumni. Ivy Labs is part of the Ivy Company which has an unparalleled human resource pool of over 4700 Ivy League Alumni. We have Ivy League alum engineers, managers, product developer and business analysts to develop mobile apps of high quality. We create applications that solve problems, are attractive and extremely easy to use. Above all, we are customer focused company who values the opinion and business objectives of our clients and customers.

Ivy Labs and The Ivy Company was founded by an ex Goldman Sachs Quant and Wharton Business School and Penn Engineering Alum. He is the founder of the 118,000 member plus Alumni of the Ivy League Network.

Our Experties

Cross-Platform App Development

IVY Lab has a vast experience in working on cutting-edge technologies including 3D visualization, advanced image processing, medical imaging software, scientific research applications, artificial intelligence and applications development for iPhone/iPad as well as flash and social media based apps. We have developed strategy/time management apps for leading company in iOS & Android platform

Our skills in mobile development technologies embrace:

iPhone OS, MacOSX, XCode, iBeacon Integration, Objective-C, C/C++, Java, Databases, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, XML, JSON, CoreAudio, Audio Units (RemoteIO, Mixer), Audio Queue, Camera API (Flash, Auto focus, Auto balance etc), Quartz Core, PDF, GPS/Location, Compass, Motion Sensor, MultiTasking, In-App purchase, iAd, Cocos2D, Unity, Box2D, Openfeint, Google Maps, SQLite, QR Code, Real-time Audio/Video Processing, Facebook Integration, Bluetooth Multi-threading, Twitter Integration.


About us

We are IVY LAB, a niche mobile apps development studio comprised of over 200 Ivy League Alumni. Ivy Labs is part of the Ivy Company which has an unparalleled human resource pool of over 4700 Ivy League Alumni

What We Do?

If it involves the iPhone, iPad or the Android, we probably do it. We create awesome mobile applications within a short turn-around time. Our extensive experience in the software industry enables us to offer solutions to our clients which others don't even think are possible. Moreover, we offer an end to end solution right from the development of your idea to publishing on the app store. So no matter how crazy you think your idea is, don't hesitate to discuss with us. Most times you would be surprised at the elegance and simplicity of our solutions.

Why Us?

It is very disappointing to hear but a lot of the clients which approach us are starting on their projects for the second or third time. They hire other companies who seem to offer better value but are unable to deliver in the end. There is nothing worse than having an idea you are crazy about and having it messed up by bad implementation. The reason for this is the number of mobile application developers who have stepped into this arena from web development.

Our clients get a totally different experience with us because we have been in the software industry for more than a decade developing highly complex software for 3D graphics, gaming, medical devices and financial services. iPhone application development is much more complex than simple web development and requires skills compatible with Object Oriented design in C/C++, database design, and 3D graphics technologies.

What others

Say about us

  • Rajeev, Managing Director at Automagic Apps

    IVY Lab provides a professional service for all aspects of app design and development. The project managers are intelligent, attentive and, especially important when outsourcing, communicative.
  • Daniel Burkhoff, Founder, PVLoops LLC

    It has been an extreme pleasure to work with the IVY Lab team on my complex iPad app. During my search for a programming consulting firm, I focused on assessment of capabilities, capacity, timelines and costs. After interviewing a large number of firms with these criteria in mind and, after speaking with former customers and several IVY Lab programmers I was convinced this team was the right fit for me. And, they have delivered on each and every aspect of the project as planned and on time. I plan to continue working with IVY Lab for a long time to come and can enthusiastically recommend their services.
  • Dr Scott Wallace, PhD Clinical Psychology, Director Creative, Digital and Social Media

    As a clinical psychologist and Director of Digital Media for a healthcare company with more than 1 million Canadian lives covered, I have had a very productive and above-average experience with the IVY Lab team on multiple projects. From initial competitive bidding/pricing, through to meeting all project timelines, they came through with better than expected results. Indeed, we were driven to keep up with the teams progress. Additionally, communication and understanding of all projects' needs, as well as expert recommendations, led to product outcomes that were beyond initial expectations. Support following project end has been more than generous. I have no hesitation in recommending IVY Lab and am happy to be contacted personally for more specifics

  • The IVY Lab team were great to work with. After we agreed upon and got in a good rhythm of communication and iterations, the project went smoothly. They were very accommodating when we had changes to the project plan along the way, including a more substantial mid-project addition. They also were appropriate and gave good input when we needed to make compromises in how we implemented certain features, given financial constraints. Thanks guys, we look forward to working with you again.

  • Totally professional. Technically the best. Could not have been happier.

  • Two thumbs up for IVY Lab--excellent communication, professionalism and iOs proficiency. Though this particular job was a small one, I plan to use this company again for larger more complicated iOs development.
  • Westlake Financials

    The IVY Lab team have begun creating a great product for us. We are excited to move forward to the next phase with his team. They are professional and meet their timelines quickly and would recommend their technical abilities to build exciting new products to any other firm seeking their services.
  • Wil Moore, Engineering Director, Ernest Sports, Inc.

    We at Ernest Sports have benefited by working with the IVY Lab team since 2011. Their consistency in developing quality iOS and Android applications has been an integral part of our success. IVY Lab understands the importance of consistent communication and is adept at applying their resources to our projects; both of which are critically important to Ernest Sports as projects move through each stage. When collaborating with an offsite development team, Ernest Sports has found that the most important part of producing a quality app is bilateral communication. IVY Lab’s commitment to excellence and a timely exchange of information are what makes them stand apart from their competitors.

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