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BL!NKS will revolutionise the way you capture, remember and share your life.

A ‘blink’ is a short video moment, between one and five seconds long. Our app captures blinks from your life and effortlessly transforms them into beautifully produced stories you can keep as mementos or share to your favourite social networks.


LIFE MODE - Blink your life in one second every day (with flexible reminders so you never miss a moment). Create a permanent memento of your life - a living diary for the digital age.

FREEFORM MODE - Blink events as they occur, any way you like. Capture all kinds of adventures - vacations, concerts, reunions, anniversaries, graduations - and effortlessly broadcast them as stunning and short action packed movies that tell your story.


  • iOS


  • Database
  • Audio/Video
  • In-app purchase / Payment processing
  • Image / Video processing


  • Objective C
  • JAVA