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dentaChat is a private instant-messaging network specifically for dental professionals.

GDC rules on the use of social media are strict and it’s only a matter of time before someone loses their registration as a result of a slip-up. dentaChat is easy to use, convenient and protects your communications.

Use it for …

Instant Answers

need a second opinion? send photos, text and video securely and in real-time to colleagues anywhere

Faster Communication

send and receive messages across the practice without time-consuming email chains

Lab Instructions

send orders, images and other information to your lab technicians instantly & with full confidence

Secure Referrals

exchange letters, images and anything else between specialist and referrer, hassle-free

CPD Discussions

learn from colleagues across the country, share your insights and grow together

Anything You Want

it’s your private network, we hope you’ll find plenty of other ways to use it!


• Encrypted
industrial-strength end-to-end encryption protects every conversation automatically and reliably

• Secure
much more secure than email and your social networks, your discussions on dentaChat are for your eyes only

dentaChat is a private instant-messaging network specifically for dental professionals – patients and the public do not have access

• Reliable
messages are delivered instantly when you’re online and stored securely for later when you’re offline

• Simple
as easy to use as text messages, there’s nothing new to learn and you’ll be up and running within seconds

Brought to you by the team behind Dental CPD Pro

“dentaChat is excellent! It’s as familiar as text messaging on my phone but with souped up features and iron-clad security. Just what the doctor ordered!” ~ Dr. Sonia Hutton-Taylor


  • iOS


  • Notifications


  • Objective C